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Through our partners, we ensure service delivery to our clients.


We supply flowers to clients as “free on board”. The freight and the clearing costs of the flowers will be borne by the client.


We also supply flowers where we sort out the Cost, Insurance and Freight. The clearing and the freight cost will be inclusive in the order cost. Hence, each stem will be at a premium price.

We can also supply flowers with a mix of the two above where we clear the flowers for you at a premium price per stem and the client pays for the freight of the shipment.


Once flowers are received the recommended aftercare process is as follows:

1) Prepare a solution with flower food and water: This helps kill and the surface tension of the water, allowing uptake of water more freely. The bacterium in the water is also killed with the flowers food mixture.

2) Unpack flowers.

3) Make a fresh cut of around 2cm at the bottom of the stems- this helps with a fresh set of contact cells to uptake the water.

4) Keep in cold store to maintain freshness of flowers.

The time frame for the order to be processed and received is approximately 3 days if we do not have this in stock from the present days harvest.


Day 1 – Harvest and packing.

Day 2 – Transport to the Airport and shipping.

Day 3 – Clearing and collection at receiving Airport. This is subject to the location of export and various factors beyond our control.

For further information on freight and clearing please contact our forwarding client Airflo at info@airfloltd.com or visit www.airfloltd.com

Our Partners

For effective service delivery and distribution to our global clients, we have partnered with Decofresh and Black Tulip, leading giants in the global industry.

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